Association Between Patient-reported Outcomes and Changes in Prostate-specifi c Antigen in Patients With Advanced Prostate Cancer Treated With Apalutamide in the SPARTAN and TITAN Studies

Poster presented at the

JADPRO Live 2022, October 20-23, 2022, Aurora, CO


Eric J. Small, Kim N. Chi, Simon Chowdhury, Katherine B. Bevans, Amitabha Bhaumik, Fred Saad, Byung Ha Chung, Lawrence I. Karsh, Stéphane Oudard, Peter De Porre, Sabine D. Brookman-May, Sharon A. McCarthy, Suneel D. Mundle, Hirotsugu Uemura, Matthew R. Smith, Neeraj Agarwal, on behalf of the SPARTAN and TITAN investigators